If you live in Yorba Linda, odds are fairly high you are likely to experience some sort of mice problem at some time or another. We realize that having rodents in your kitchen, or anywhere in your home or property, can be quite embarrassing. Others may choose to make assumptions about your lifestyle by looking at the fact that you have rodents and we realize this isn\’t a fair assumption but it still happens. We\’re here to help you though!


Yorba Linda Rodent Removal

Rodents are good about staying hidden where humans usually don\’t go. There are some people who prefer to trap and get rid of their rats and mice on their own. This is certainly an option, but we know that you likely don\’t have the time to deal with the hassles and are disgusted at the thought of disposing of the dead rats and mice afterwards.

In the chance that you do see a rat or mouse, the odds of more hiding in other areas of your home are quite substantial. Even so, do not be concerned. Even though you might have found a rat doesn\’t necessarily mean it\’s your error. Mice are great at entering through very small spaces, cracks and crevices. The best approach to be sure you don\’t have rats occupy your premises, ever, is to inspect all areas of the property by which they may be obtaining entry into your property. This includes areas around doors, windows, spaces in the attic, basement and even crawl spaces should be inspected. Think about this the next time you speculate how they got in your property; mice can squeeze through a nickel- sized hole and rats through a hole the size of half of a quarter. We can also help you figure out the entry points of the rodents when we come inspect your current rodent problem.

One of our Yorba Linda rodent control experts will gladly help you with your rodent problem in a hassle-free manner. Our exterminator will come to your property to evaluate the circumstances and then determine the optimal form of rodent removal for your predicament. Call 714-702-1859 today schedule to have an exterminator come out.

If you have questions please do not be afraid to ask us. We are more than happy to help and be sure to find out about the plethora of treatment coverage we offer.